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it's almost time to get spooky again
♥ | Posted: September 3rd | ♥
I don't even care that Halloween is like 2 months away and some may think it's too early for Halloween related things. It's always time for anything Halloween, so if you think it's not than you're crazy lmao. But fr though I needed to change my layout and Halloween is creeping soooo. I revamped the Halloween content page and added some new things to it. I didn't have time to get as much updates up as I wanted, so I have more Halloween updates planned! I've been randomly revamping previews, so if a pages previews ever look off than clear your cache/cookies and refresh the page. As always, this layouts stylesheet will be up eventually.

There's a lot of recent updates that I hope you enjoy! I'll hopefully be updating again soonish! ♡


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