huge tutorial revamp in progress!

♥ | Posted: June 5th | ♥
First off, shoutout to the massive amount of people I borderline harassed, over the past few months, into making signs and/or updating their websites. lmao ily, you're the real MVPs for putting up with me. Also, I'm so happy everyone is working >together to revive the sw!!! Anyway, new updates are on hold until I'm done revamping most of the tutorials. I've decided to keep the site open during this process, so please be patient with me as I have sooo many tutorials. You'll notice I added tabs to the preppy tutorial page to help organize them way easier for yous. I moved alot of tutorials, so if ones missing check all tabs before messaging me in a panic lol. After the revamp, I'll be adding new resources, tutorials, and possibly a new layout! Thank you