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I think it's about time there's a new update ♡
♥ | Posted: April 29th | ♥
I'm sorry it's been a few months since my last update. I got really busy and just didn't have any spare time. My hosting is now open!! Be warned that, unfortunately, spots are limited. Click the "hosting" button in the navigation to visit my hosting website and get more info on it. Okay so I tried like 500 different headers and wasn't feeling any of them lmao. Shoutout to Bear for tag teaming a header with me! I did the text and she did the rest! Check out her site, Saturn! I've been randomly revamping previews, so if a pages previews ever look off than clear your cache/cookies and refresh the page. As always, this layouts stylesheet will be up eventually.

There's a lot of new updates that I hope you enjoy! I'll hopefully be updating again soonish! ♡