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Welcome to loveblush!! This website is here to provide you with the necessities to design & code your own websites, signs, and much more. If you have any questions, please contact me on fb. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you enjoy everything I have to offer! ♥
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  • beams v1 tutorial

    You'll be making (many examples)


    This is with a 3px brush:

    The Steps

    This sign was cropped for tutorial purposes only

    1. Click on the pen tool. Make sure it's settings are like mine.

    2. Use the pen tool to place the first point of where you want the beam. I outlined mine in red to show you.

    3. Put down your second point where you want it. These can be done so many ways it's unreal. Far down from the first point, closer to the first point, far or close from the sitemodel, and so on. Pick where you want it

    4. Continue your points.

    5. Click on the "Convert point tool" which is in the same section with the pen tool. Click on the first point and HOLD THE CLICK DO NOT LET GO. Move around and you should see that section of the line curving. Do the same with the second line and all of the other lines. This is what will happen with the lines when you're curving it (outlined in red). Your curve can be wide or short or whatever you want.

    6. Continue using the Convert Point Tool to curve all of the points.

    7. Make sure the color you want the beam to be is selected. Click on the brush tool, select the circle brush that should have came with Photoshop. It's one of the preset brushes. Select the one that is 2 or 3px in size. I usually do 3px, but this tutorial I fucked up and did 2px. You can choose whichever. Everyone uses 2 OR 3.

    8. Click on the pen tool. Right click somewhere on your sign where you used the pen tool previously. A thing should pop up that says "Stroke Path." Make sure it's selected as "brush" and click ok. Click the backspace key on your keyboard twice to get rid of the pen tool selection. Now you should see something like this.

    9. Click on the eraser tool. Use a circle brush at a size that isn't huge. Use the eraser tool to erase EVERY OTHER LINE that COVERS the sitemodel. See how I kept the first line, but erased the second?
    note: if one of your lines goes over the sitemodels face, ERASE THAT LINE and then do every other around that line because nobody wants to see a line through a sitemodels face lol

    And now I've erased every other line.

    10. Hold in ctrl on your keyboard and click the thumbnail (little preview thing) of the beam layer. The beam should be selected now.

    11. Click "Layer >> New fill layer >> gradient >> ok >>" and choose your gradient. Drag the gradient layer below the original beam layer. Click on the move tool and using the arrow down key on your keyboard, nudge the gradient layer down 2 times.

    Finished Product:


    This is with a 3px brush: