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Kern Text Tutorial

Kerning text makes it look so much better because it moves the text closer together.

What you'll need:
One of the Photoshop programs.

What you'll be doing:

The Steps

1. Type out your text however you want it. Do not add strokes or anything like that until after you've kerned your text. Highlight the text

2. Click the "Character" tool.

3. A box should have popped up. You're going to be changing the area I outlined in black, which controls the space between your letters.

4. The lower the numbers are, the closer together your letters will be. I usually have mine -50, -100, or -130. Something around there depending on the text. Not all text will look right with one specific number, so you will have to adjust it according to your text.
Change the number to whatever looks best for yours.

You're done!

Finished Product: